Who We Are

Peace, Healing and Reconciliation in Christ’s Name

A La Source is a community based and grassroots organization headquartered in Aurora Colorado.

A La Source is an independent 501C3 organization.

We are engaged in Social service, humanitarian and educational programs applying Jesus principles.

A La Source exists to assist with Healing, promote Peace (Christ’s Peace) , a Cross-cultural Dialogue and Reconciliation as we are all one in Jesus Christ and promote family values.

We respond to the call of Christ by serving refugees, immigrants and the community.  We hope to be Christ’s ambassadors to these underserved and often overlooked people by helping them adjust to a new world, heal from past trauma and overcome the fear of entering a new country. Our purpose is to love them in Christ’s name, showing that Christ is the true source of abundant life.

A La Source has been created to provide a safe place for anyone to come, share their pain and joy…a place where one can come to give and receive. We meet physical and spiritual needs.

Through the ministry, refugees and immigrants can ease into the United States. We help them become acculturated and self-sufficient so that they can succeed as active, productive members of our society.

Everyone is welcomed and assisted, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, culture, gender or religion.

Our center offers a place for cross cultural communication.  One of our goals is to promote love, peace among diverse communities.

As a community based organization, we extend our services to all, non-immigrants included.  We offer legal orientation, family counseling, food and clothing banks, youth mentoring and time for fellowship within an accepting and loving community of friends.

Special Needs: Our participants with Special Needs occupy a Special Place in our hearts. We journey with them: “The least of these” We have launched a program for them. The key words are: LOVE, HONOR & DIGNITY, SUPPORTING,EMPOWERING unto JESUS CHRIST. We offer a Safe place where our participants and their Caregivers can be Supported, Equipped and Empowered. Fellowship & stopping isolation and making new friends.  Click here English Version Special Needs Support group Ministry2018 (2) (2)for Complete Description of “Special Needs Program”

What we offer to Other Organizations: A La Source equips the willing Organizations and the body of Christ to welcome, love, help and journey with the sojourners. We help others do refugee ministry.

Volunteers are integral to the success of A La Source Ministry.  No special requirements are necessary to be involved. Bring your time, passion, and God-given gifts to share with our community.

Donate food/clothing and/or funds, mentor youth, come alongside a refugee family, or become an advocate. Teach English or computer skills, help a newcomer navigate city maps or transit systems, or simply become friends with a person of another culture. The possibilities are endless!