Founders of A La Source

Angeline Habonimana Nsabimbona – Co-Founder and Associate – Director

Angeline and her husband, Pastor Joseph Nsabimbona fled their native Burundi, Africa as refugees 28 years ago. After living in NY and Canada, Angeline and Joseph eventually found their way to Denver, Colorado. In 2010, they founded A La Source, an outreach service that ministers to refugees in Denver. In 2015, Angeline and her husband planted “The Sojourners Christ’s Church”, with the vision of bringing unity in Jesus, and providing a place for peace, healing and reconciliation.

Angeline is also a town planner and has a Masters degree in Environmental Sciences. She and her husband live in Aurora and have two daughters: Shemeza(27) and Shima Sarah(20)

From her office, off 6th Avenue & Center-tech in Aurora (15632 E 6th Ave Aurora Co 80011), Angeline is the Hands-on Servant-Minister. They All call her Mama Angeline. Not only she always makes sure, the refugee ladies have food and clothing for their family, but she has the authority to speak into their lives as an older sister in Christ. So often, the refugee children will come to see her for consul and mediation.
Angeline’s passion is to teach them the American work-culture and help them not only secure employment, but to keep their jobs and be productive members of the society. She will tell you that offering employment to a single-mom refugee or to anyone for that matter is more than giving them a job, it is sustaining a whole family, it is changing lives.
60% of current A La Source participants are refugee single-mothers and 30% are Young-Adults.
What Angeline does is helping these precious newcomers become part of the fabric of our society. They are a blessing not a burden. A La Source sees in them an asset, something to invest in.
Angeline weekly focus is providing spiritual counseling and vocational training.
100% of all the clients who finished training are now employed and are self-sufficient.
To contact Angeline, send her an Email at: or phone: (303)847-3247

Joseph Nsabimbona – Founder and Director of A La Source Refugee Ministry

Ministry: Joseph Nsabimbona is a former high-ranking government official who turned his life over to God as His servant.

As a Refugee, Joseph experienced and appreciated humble beginnings and got acquainted with life at the very bottom of the society.   At the very end of his rope, Joseph had to find his way out and his reason for living: Christ.  Joseph had tried it and experienced it all…self-rescuing, failure, humiliation, desperation…and obviously, God had a plan for him.

After years of being an Associate Pastor at Church in the City-Beth Abraham, an inner-city congregation in Denver Colorado, Joseph stepped up in 2010 and founded, with his wife Angeline, A La Source Refugee Ministry.

Joseph also serves as the President of the United States Christian Chamber of Commerce. ( )

Education: Educated in the Ukraine, he did his masters degree at the State University of Ukraine in Kiev.

He is well travelled and has had the privilege to live in Africa, Canada, Europe and the USA. Joseph speaks English, French, Russian, Italian (little), Kirundi, Swahili and Kinyarwanda.

Career: Before immigrating to the United States, Joseph served in several senior positions in the Burundi Government including Counselor to the Minister of Home Affairs and Chief Administrator Officer in the President’s Office.

In the USA, prior to becoming a pastor, Joseph went from working day labor to joblessness.  He finally saw God making a way up for him in the financial industry, allowing him to become a banker at Citicorp/Diners Club, Norwest Bank and Wells Fargo Bank.

Community Service: Joseph has become a proud American and a true citizen.

As a Community leader and proud American, he has been involved in feeding the homeless in the streets of Denver, spent days in Louisiana rescuing and assisting the victims of Katrina, and sat on several advisory boards and committees.  Joseph also initiated a Pastor’s once a month fellowship, breaking denominational and racial barriers.

Family: Joseph and his wife Angeline live in Aurora Colorado, USA and have two wonderful daughters, Shemeza Mishita and Shima Sarah.  His wife, Angeline, co-founder of A La Source, ministers with him.

Angeline is a very devoted, brave woman of God. She is a Planning Engineer, has a Masters Degree in Environmental Sciences and co-leads A La Source Ministry with her husband.

Author: Joseph is the Author of 3 Books  available on Amazon:

  • One on Marriage: Love Redeemed, A Roadmap to a Healthy Christian Marriage
  • Auto-biography:  Rescued, A Burundi Genocide Survivor’s Story of Faith, Endurance & Forgiveness.

Biography (3)

For 17 years, Pastor Joseph and his wife, Angeline, have lived the life of refugees as Genocide survivors from Burundi, Africa.  They are able to relate to the refugees due to their own experiences.    It is only natural for Pastor Joseph and his wife to serve the refugees and immigrants.

As Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Pastor Joseph is very often invited to speak or preach at different churches and events.  To have Pastor Joseph speak at your Church or Organization, Click here PJ or Call 303 847 3247

You can also SUPPORT Joseph’s Effort to reach the non-reached and offen overlooked.

For more about Joseph visit:

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About Love Redeemed Audio Book.

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