Employment for a refugee is more than just a job. It is the only way to starting a new life in America allowing them to be self-sufficient and become productive members of the community.

All the refugees are lawful residents with permits to work in America.
All of our refugees speak more than one language. With the growing number of internationals in our city, the refugee language skill is an asset.

A La Source is the bridge between Employers and the potential Refugee Employee. Change a Refugee’s life and family by giving a chance to a newly arrived refugee.
Our Employment Refugee Program Prepares the Refugees for work, help them keep their employment and become a blessing back to the employer.

Our refugee participants learn to give their best unto Christ. We expect no less than Excellency from our graduates.

As we are  in an “at will” employment State, in many case, the Employer will be able to offer to the refugee a chance to see if the employment is durable.

We want the refugees to live and work in the community with dignity, safety, and hope.

Refugees seeking employment:
1. Suaad: Open
2. Tara
3. Alexandrine: Open
4. Hari: Gardening,
5. Tha The Paw
6. Seeta

Please contact us if you would like to know how your Company could participate in our effort to hire a refugee and the benefits involved: Tax Credit & State Program.